Rocker Cool Reading Glasses

When I am 69, I hope I can “move like Jagger”. I watched him performing recently, strutting his iconic dance moves with the same energy as when I saw him in concert in 1975 at MSG. He maintains the same cool sexy rocker look in spite of his noticeably aged appearance.

There are some other old rockers whose stage presence today proves that they also have weathered the tumultuous rock n’ roll life. I'd like to know what‘s their secret.

I am sure they have a lot of late nights...I go to bed at 10 o’clock.

They are on the road touring… and probably eat a lot of junk food. I eat most meals at home and almost never eat junk food.

I go to the gym; I wouldn’t have the stamina to perform the way they do and I could never squeeze into those skinny jeans.

I never see them pull out any rocker cool reading glasses. I can’t read a thing up close.

Even though they are way past retirement age, what do you think drives their ambition to continue to tour? I assume they don’t have to worry about how they are going to pay college tuition.

What the secret behind their ageless style? It must be the satisfaction that comes from doing something you love. Hey hey hey, that’s what I say.