Progress Report...

 I am very happy to say that we at Renee's Readers are creating a very strong following with many happy and repeat customers and that we are establishing a growing presence in the very competitive world of reading eyewear. I believe that this is for no other reason than that our product speaks for itself.

What really sets our readers apart from others is that Renee’s Readers frames are really made of the same quality as prescription eyewear with meticulous attention to detail in their design and fit and that reading with them is noticeably sharp and clear. The lenses are made from either high optical quality plastic or polycarbonate material and they are aspheric, hydrophobic coated and optically centered for average reading convergence; all of which are necessary to give you the clearest vision. Features such as large optical quality lenses, wide bridges and extra-long spring temples make all the difference in their wear and use.

 Also…Renee’s Readers are made to last!

In response to the many requests I got for reading sunglasses, I recently introduced photochromatic reading sunglasses.

 As a licensed optician, I just couldn’t make up bifocal sun readers knowing that there would be fit issues with bifocal height.  Photochromatic readers with AR give the versatility of protection from glare indoors and outdoors with a dark gray tint and the inherent UV protection of photochromatic technology.  The lenses get quite dark when exposed to full sunlight, adjust with brightness and are totally clear indoors which makes them great for office use. The quality is truly amazing- both frame and lenses. Styles Paul & Sue are fashioned with hip modern classic looks for easy on-the-go style. Customer response has been great!

When I first started out I used to say I am building Renee’s Readers one pair at a time. I am now happy to say that we are building Renee's Readers with many many more pairs and many many more happy customers!


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