Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Renee’s Readers and the ones you buy in the drugstore?

Renee’s Readers have high quality lenses that will give you clear, undistorted, comfortable vision. They have a uniform surface with gradual curves throughout the lens unlike drugstore readers. The frames are constructed of superior materials, the same as those used for prescription eyewear, and that will provide durable, long wearing comfort in great style.

What are the lenses made of?

Renee’s Readers are made from optical quality aspheric lenses which will ensure crisp, clear vision and which are also light weight and scratch resistant.

What are the frames made of?

Renee’s Readers are made from the same premium cellulose acetate (plastic) and stainless steel that you would find in many of todays high end frames. In fact, they are made in the very same factories. Frame parts such as hinges and screws are also high quality.

How is the quality of Renee’s Readers if they are made in China?

With most of today’s eyewear being manufactured in China, it has become the go to place for manufacturing eyewear.  Eager to advance themselves, the Chinese have developed their expertise and proved that they are very capable of delivering premium quality eyewear.  It is through the collaboration of experienced technicians and craftsman that I was able to create a high quality product at an affordable price. Each region in China is known for different standards of quality; Renee’s Readers are manufactured in Shenzhen, the very same area where many of today’s high priced designer brands are manufactured.

What are aspheric lenses?

An aspheric lens has curves that gradually flatten as your eyes move away from the center of the lens. The result is a wider, undistorted field of view and a thinner, lighter lens with reduced magnification of your eyes.

Can I use Renee’s Readers frames for my own prescription from my eye doctor?

All of our frames are ophthalmic quality, which means that they are capable of going through the manufacturing process involved in inserting prescription lenses. Some frames may not be suitable for certain prescriptions. As a licensed optician, I can help you determine that. Just email your prescription to (Allow approximately 3 days for an answer).

What is the best way to clean my reading glasses?

Simply rinse your glasses with lukewarm water and mild soap and dry them with a microfiber cloth (included with your glasses). Using a tissue, paper towel or your shirt, could result in hairline scratches. Do not use any window cleaning products as they may cause crazing or cracking of the lenses.

How do I prevent my reading glasses from scratching?

The best way to prevent scratching is to put your glasses in its case when you are not wearing them or to place them with the lenses side up when you take them off. Cleaning them with the microfiber cloth also reduces scratches. The lenses in all of Renee’s Readers are coated with a super scratch resistant hard coat.